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Test Program

We are glad you are interested in our test program. We welcome you to give us constructive Suggestions after testing our products, so as to improve the quality of our products and make our brand more popular among cyclists.

We will provide a certain number of free products for testers to test sometimes. If there is any activity, we will post it in the Facebook Group, and you can sign up for it.

Before starting the test, we need you to provide one of the following information to convince us that you are competent or experienced enough to help us.
1. Joined the cycling club, you can provide relevant photos or certificates.
2. Have an active social page. You often share your cycling updates on your social media profiles and have lots of people interacting with you.
3. If you have participated in cycling events or races(above the county level), you can provide photos of relevant certificates;
Please click to fill out the Application form

Within 3 working days, the tester will be audited. We will notify you via email or Facebook messenger.

Test Requirements
1. Complete the product test within 10 business days(after receiving our products);
2. Complete the test report within 15 business days(after receiving our products);
3. Willing to promote our products on social platforms;
Please click to fill out the test report

You will get:
1. Free apparels;
2. Free return and exchange and exclusive customer service;
3. Limited-time exclusive discount code, your friends or fans can use (not required);

*Please note: If you do not complete the test within the agreed time, you will be removed from the test program and will never cooperate.