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Influencer Recruit

Calling All US, UK and DE cyclist! We need to promote our new cycling apparel!

Email: przewalski.business@gmail.com
Skype: live:.cid.5fbf76d1f4599f73 (Przewalski Business)

Target Audience
Gender: all
Age: 20-55
Country: US, UK, DE

Budget Per Content: Up to $200
Est.Creator Size: 5K-100K

Campaign Details
***USA, UK, DE cyclist influencers are needed for this campaign.
If you are not a resident of the US, UK or DE, your submitted offer will be declined***

We're cycling apparel amazon and website seller and we need you to help promote our products! This is a road cycling apparel for 18-60 years old, but we want to target cyclist influencers that are in the design, quality, cost performance, lifestyle, unboxing, and review.

Here's what we require:

-Your audience demo majority needs to be at least 40% in the US, UK or DE.
-We need a review for first times to cooperate, 1-2 minutes in the beginning of your already planned video.

-Once hired, you have 1-2 weeks to complete this sponsorship and have the content live 1 week after approval. PAYPAL takes care of your payment.
-We require 1 video and 1 Instagram content from each person.
-Our budget is $200 max per person if hired.
-Our product bitly link and a coupon code for your fans.

As a bonus we offer affiliate programs for anyone that has been hired.if you are interested, please let us know. This is optional and not required.

We hope to hear from you and hopefully work together!

Cheers!Przewalski collaboration pic