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Turbo loves images!

The Turbo Shopify theme can accommodate high res images that will load and display quickly thanks to some built-in optimization and JavaScript goodness we’ve implemented! 

How Shopify handles images

Whenever you upload an image, Shopify creates different sizes of that image and will automatically serve up the most appropriate size in different scenarios to ensure better performance. However we still recommend that you compress your images first so they’re not unnecessarily large to begin with.

Read more: Image optimization tips from Shopify

Image Aspect Ratios

When sizing your own images, keep this rule of thumb in mind: bigger, square-ish images will require a width:height ratio close to 1:1 but narrower, more rectangular images will need something closer to a 3:1 width to height ratio. 

Size Recommendations

The table below shows recommended image sizes based on the dimensions we’ve used for the photos in this demo shop. We suggest sticking to the recommended image widths but feel free to vary the height as per the rule of thumb noted above.

Touch and drag to view full table width
Image type Width (px) Height (px) File type Upload this in:
Favicon 32 32 PNG Settings > Header
Logo - Main Menu 400 100 JPG or PNG24 Settings > Header
Logo - Mobile 150 50 JPG or PNG24 Settings > Header
Logo - Footer 250 200 JPG or PNG24 Settings > Footer
Home Page Banners 1800 1000 JPG Settings > Home page - Banner images
Featured Promotions 840 840 JPG Settings > Home page - Featured promotions
Product Images 1024 1024 JPG Online Store > Products > Products
Collection Images (used for Featured Links) 1024 1024 JPG Online Store > Products > Collections
Home Page Slideshow Banners 1800 850 JPG Settings > Home page - Slideshow
Video placeholder image 1600 900 JPG Settings > Home page - video
Blog page top banner 1800 800 JPG Settings > Blog page > Banner image
Blog article featured image 1800 1000 JPG Online Store > Blog Posts > Featured Image
Contact page top banner 1800 800 JPG Settings > Contact page > Banner image
Newsletter popup image 425 575 JPG Settings > Newsletter > Popup
Newsletter section image 1600 300 JPG Settings > Newsletter > Banner
Checkout page top banner 1800 300 JPG Settings > Checkout > Banner
Full shop background image 1800 1000 JPG Settings > Colors > Backgrounds
Footer background image 1800 600 JPG Settings > Colors > Backgrounds
Password page background image 1600 1000 JPG Settings > Colors > Backgrounds