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Clothing Care

  1. For polyester with spandex knitted material garments (eg:most cycling wear, yoga clothing, underwear, sports bra):

 - We highly recommend:

  Air dry, hand wash. Polyester material will last longer if the garments are washed by hand, and dried naturally.

- Machine wash is ok too, but here are some tips :

  • Use cold water
  • Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners or bleach
  • Zip up zippers on your jersey, jackets, and etc to avoid scratching the polyester fabric
  • Use a dedicated laundry bag and choose the delicate cycle


  1. For polyester woven fabric with water repellent coating products (eg: MTB shorts, ski jacket, windbreak jacket etc ):

Attention: Dry cleaning service usually uses chemical cleaning to get rid of dirt, oil and stains, which will cause damage to the water repellent coating on the products.

  • Cold to 35°C water gentle hand wash
  • Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners or bleach
  • Air dry or use low heat dryer


  1. Extra special care for technical garments:
  • For rain-specific jackets, coat, you might want to use a water repellent spray each time after wash and less wash to achieve the best effect of water repellent
  • For chamois pad in cycling bottoms, an extra hand wash with soap can avoid bacteria building up in the chamois pads.