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March 10, 2017 2 min read


August 17, 2017


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Prezewaski Women’s Cycling Shorts Guarantee Top Comfort and Performance


SEATTLE, WA –After months of research and preparation, Przewaski, a sports apparel corporation, is proud to announce its new, cutting-edge product guaranteed to make a splash among women cyclists and triathletes. The Przewaski Women’s Cycling Shorts provide ultimate comfort and ergonomic performance for bicycle-lovers around the world.


Long distance riding is finally rendered comfortable with the Przewaski women’s cycling shorts! Made with 71% polyamide and 29% spandex, and knitted in 4-stitch-6-thread sewing fashion, the sturdy cycling shorts provide unparalleled breathability. Their moisture-wicking technology, combined with the shock-absorbent and antibacterial CoolMax pad, is the perfect amalgamation of design and technology to provide cyclists with a bike ride free from skin irritation and rashes. Fabricated with a CoolMax pad, the fabric is comprised of a 1.5-cm-thick elastomer sponge. The Przewaski bike shorts also boast crease-resistant technology, with the elastic molding itself to the cyclist’s waist, not the other way around. This unique tailoring allows for supreme comfort, as the shorts will not ride up your leg as you pedal. The exterior is specially designed with outer layer air vents intended to keep cyclists cool during long summer rides. 




Przewaski is a unique company in many different aspects. Spokesperson for Przewaski, Joe, stated that their company is comprised of “cyclists and street riders who have discovered a way to combine their talents as apparel designers with business acumen, and are ready to provide cyclists with the best possible apparel on the market.” With shipping options available to the United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Japan, their women’s cycling shorts will be available for cyclists seeking superior comfort and performance in many parts of the world.


For more information on Prezewaski women’s cycling shorts, make sure to visit their website at https://przewalski.net or follow the hyperlinks in this press release. A social media conscious group with beautifully designed photos and products, they are also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For the all-time low price of $15.99, down from the original $31.99, you too can be the owner of these cycling shorts. Get an extra 30% off if you use the special coupon code 7TQ4HJKE at checkout bringing the price down even further to $11.99! But make sure to hurry, because these low prices will expire on August 29!



Amazon Product Link: http://Go2Azon.com/g/B01HWOIPE4-BIKESHORTS

Website: https://www.przewalski.net 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/przewalski.net 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Przewalski_net

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/przewalski_net

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