Przewalski Men’s Sleeveless Cycling Bike Base Layer Undershirt, Breathable, Superlight and Moisture Wicking Vests

  • ✅QUICK-TRY & HIGH VENLATION – Quality and technical big hole mesh fabric provides excellent transfer of moisture wicking, ventilation and airflow, which keeps your skin cool, dry and fresh all day, especially in summer.
  • ✅ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT & SUPER-SOFT – Beautifully soft hand touching silk feeling material creates a smooth interface for wearing which highly reduce the chafing during cycling. And the little weight will let you forget its’ existing.
  • ✅SLEEVELESS & ERGONOMIC - Special sleeveless cutting let the singlet can be wearing as a layer under any cycling clothes. And the ergonomic design brings out the cycling-specific fit and construction to the curves of your body.
  • ✅MOVEMENT-FREE & ALL-PURPOSE USAGE – The underlayer is made for all kinds of activities; it will sit comfortably close to the body as your second skin with total freedom during any type of movements.
  • ✅DURABLE & COMFORTABLE – The high stretch baselayer will give you high performance and exceptional comfort without any itching feelings. You can wear it for all-day-long sports, like training, running, cycling, hiking, etc.

Product description

Maintain your core temperature in any weather condition.

Przewalski sleeveless and lightweight base layer keeps you cool in warm weather, or provides a layer of insulation in colder weather.  It wicks away moisture and dries quickly to improve your performance for the ride ahead.





FIT ☆☆☆☆☆ 


Please see size picture for  reference.

Note: Cycling Base layers needs to be tighter than cycling jerseys,we suggest to buy according to the size chart.

Package contents:

①1 Pack: White

1*Cycling Base Layer (White)

  1*Przewalski warranty card

②1 Pack: Black

1*Cycling Base Layer(Black)

1*Przewalski warranty card

③2 Packs:Black&White

1*Cycling Base Layer(White)

1*Cycling Base Layer(Black)   

 1*Przewalski warranty card

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